Earth Day All Day Every Day

Earth Day All Day Every Day


Bokk Baby is all about sustainability. But really, what does that even mean?? We hear it all the time in marketing, so much so that “sustainable” has become more of a buzzword than a verified authenticator of goodwill towards the planet. This isn’t lost on us.

Greenwashing is very real in the fashion industry, and a healthy dose of cynicism isn’t a bad thing to have while you’re shopping for eco-friendly products. But don’t let that discourage you from seeking out brands that are the real deal -- brands that have built their businesses around sustainability and not the other way around.

Our journey to creating Bokk Baby was not one rooted in parenthood, as we are not yet parents ourselves. Instead, we saw a problem with waste in the baby clothing industry that we felt wasn’t being addressed in an innovative way by any other brands out there. Every Mom we knew had something in common: too little sleep and too many baby clothes. Perfectly good quality and barely worn baby clothes were outgrown in three months, and parents were at a loss for what to do with them.  

We wanted to give parents a better solution to getting rid of outgrown baby clothes, and at the same time, we wanted to find a meaningful and pragmatic way to recycle them. And from there, we grew the foundation of our Bokk Bundle Donation Program, which provides take-home gift bundles to mothers who deliver in rural clinics in Senegal, West Africa. You donate (for free, from home) and we deliver to those in need--it’s that simple.




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