Margaret and Danny met while serving as U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers in Senegal. 

He lived in Dakar, the capital city, and worked with institutions to build urban organic gardens. She lived in a small village and worked with midwives to improve access to basic health care for women and children. During our time in Senegal, we became interested in how social enterprises can drive change in industries that desperately need it (looking at you, Fashion!).

Soon after Margaret returned home to the U.S., her sister had her first baby. By the time her nephew was 3 months old, he had already outgrown an entire nursery full of newborn baby clothes. She helped her sister put piles of clothes and blankets into boxes, most of them worn only a handful of times, some of them never worn at all.

That got us thinking: Is there a better way to make new baby clothing that does less harm to the environment, and a better way to recycle used baby clothing so parents that have too many can easily donate them to families who have a need? And from there, Bokk Baby was born.