Co-founders Margaret and Danny met while serving as U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers in Senegal. He lived in the capital city and built urban organic gardens; she lived in a rural village and worked with midwives to renovate a community health clinic where over 40 babies are delivered each year.

When Margaret's sister had her first baby, she saw how quickly the outgrown clothes piled up. By the time her nephew was 3 months old, he had already outgrown drawers full of newborn baby clothes, most of them worn only a handful of times, some of them never worn at all.

That got us thinking: What could we do to give high-quality, gently worn baby clothing a longer life? Why wasn't there a simple way for parents to donate what they no longer need? The more we thought about it, the more we saw an opportunity to build a brand founded on a circular principle, where new products are made sustainably and where what's been worn already can be worn and loved again many times over.