Product Q's 

Where are your products made?

All of our apparel items are made from start-to-finish in Los Angeles, California. Our fabrics are woven, printed, and sewn into finished garments by manufacturers in L.A. who share our values and commitment to ethical and sustainable production. We choose to manufacture our products right here in the U.S.A. so we can achieve a more transparent supply chain, and also so we can support the growing and talented American-made fashion industry. Our view is, if it can be made or grown where it's sold, let's go ahead and make or grow it there.

Our gift boxes include bracelets from Senegal, handmade by Senegalese artisans, and body products by Clary Collection, a small-batch, organic skin care company whose products are safe for baby and meant to be used by the whole family.

Are your products organic? 

All cotton we use is certified organic by GOTS. For hemp and bamboo, these amazing natural fibers are grown organically, requiring no fertilizers, pesticides, or irrigation, though they are not certified.

What are the benefits of wearing fabrics made from natural fibers?

Natural fibers like hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton are strong, durable, and have antibacterial properties. Plus, they get softer over time the more you wash them, and you never have to worry about harmful microplastics leeching out into the environment. Natural fibers are 100% biodegradable in under 2 years, whereas polyester, rayon, spandex, and other synthetic fabrics can take hundreds of years to decompose. When it comes to the whole picture, natural fibers are healthier for you and for the planet.

What makes your products sustainable?

We ensure sustainable materials, a transparent supply chain, and ethical manufacturing on the pre-consumer end, while offering an innovative way to recycle and reduce post-consumer clothing waste. We believe in taking a full circle approach to sustainability because the environment is worth it.

Being a sustainable brand is baked into our model from both sides, but it's important to remember that sustainable fashion is a long game, a journey, and a process, not something that can or should be achieved all at once. We commit to caring deeply about our impact on the environment, improving our sustainability initiatives as we grow, and creating a transparent and measurable way to share our impact.

How do I wash and care for my new Bokk Baby clothing?

We know you’re busy so we keep it simple. All of our clothing is machine washable. Specific care instructions are as follows: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach.

I don’t know what size my baby wears, do you have a sizing chart I can refer to?

Yes! You can refer to our height and weight sizing chart here. All of our clothing items are pre-shrunk. Email us at hello@bokkbaby.com if you still have questions about sizing/fit.


Order Q’s

Can I make a special request for my Gift Box order?

No problem! We will always do our best to accommodate special requests. Want to add an extra item to the gift box or request mix-and-match prints? We’ve got you covered. Email us at hello@bokkbaby.com. 

Do you sell gift boxes for twins?

We love twins! Though we don’t have a “twin box” pictured on our site, we would be happy to create a custom order for anyone buying for twins. Shoot us a message at hello@bokkbaby.com.

Can I add a gift note/receipt?

Of course! Upon checkout you have the option to “Add gift message”. A custom gift note will be added to your order. Receipts/invoices are never included in gift box orders, and are instead emailed only to the email address provided by the buyer.

How long will it take after I place my order to receive my order in the mail?

Orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. If you select standard shipping, items will be delivered in 2-5 business days to most locations within the U.S.

Overnight/Next Day shipping can be selected for an additional charge.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We do ship internationally at an additional shipping charge. Please email hello@bokkbaby.com to place an order for shipment overseas or to inquire about international shipping costs. Unfortunately, we cannot cover the cost of return shipping for any donated clothing items sent back to us from outside the U.S.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Absolutely. At check out there is an option to select expedited shipping at an additional charge.

Can I make a change to my order after it's been placed?

We will gladly make changes to your order as long as it hasn't been shipped yet. Please email us at hello@bokkbaby.com to do so.

How do I make a return or exchange?

Please send an email to hello@bokkbaby.com to request a return or exchange, and we'll get right on it. Returns can be made within the first 14 days after delivery for a full refund. Between 14 and 30 days after delivery, returns can be made for a full refund of in-store credit, or a full-value exchange. We do not accept returns or exchanges after 30 days. 


Donation Q’s

What is the Bokk Bundle Donation Program?

Clothing waste is a huge problem, especially in the baby apparel industry where the average lifespan of garments is 3 months. Many parents in the U.S. accumulate outgrown baby clothing, leading to crowded closets and barely-worn baby clothes ending up in landfills. The Bokk Bundle Donation Program is our answer to this problem.

We include prepaid return shipping labels with every order, so you can send back to us any outgrown, used baby clothing you wish to donate/recycle of any brand. Simply reuse the package your Bokk Baby products came in by filling it up with outgrown baby clothes and blankets, slap on the included shipping label, and leave it out for your USPS mail carrier. Donations we receive are sorted and packaged into take-home gift bundles for mothers who deliver in rural clinics in Senegal, West Africa.

Each bundle includes donated infant clothing items, a receiving blanket, and appropriate postpartum health information. The bundles are given to each woman who delivers in one of our partnering rural clinics by trained midwives.

How can I donate used baby clothing to you?

We accept donations from all Bokk Baby customers by mail using the included return shipping label. Both our recycled cardboard gift boxes and recycled poly mailers include return shipping labels. Shipping is paid for, so just cover the old label with the return label and leave it for the mail carrier. There is NO WEIGHT MINIMUM for the return label, so stuff the box full!

Want to donate more? Customers can choose to "add Donation Mailer Kit" to your order for $10 in the cart page. The Donation Mailer Kit is a great way to donate more, and support our Bokk Bundle Donation Program.

For all other questions related to donations, please contact hello@bokkbaby.com.

What types of clothing donations do you accept?

We accept used baby/infant clothing, blankets, and accessories (hats, socks, mittens, etc.) from any brand. All donations are sorted at our headquarters upon receipt. We do NOT accept books, toys, or shoes.

What happens to donations you receive?

Donations we receive go through a quality screening process prior to sorting. Baby/infant clothing sized up to 12 months and gently worn (suitable for reuse) will be transferred into our Bokk Bundle Donation Program and will be packaged into individual gift bundles for mothers who deliver in rural clinics in Senegal, West Africa. All other donated items that are not suitable for our Bokk Bundle Donation Program will be re-donated locally to partnering organizations in the Denver area that responsibly recycle used clothing and textiles. 

Items eligible for the Bokk Bundle Donation program are then sanitized, sorted into individual packets (2-3 clothing items + a receiving blanket, with designation for Boy/Girl/Neutral based on contents) and shipped in bulk to Dakar, Senegal. Upon arrival in Senegal, donation packets are assembled into take-home gift bundles, each containing a clothing/blanket packet and relevant, culturally appropriate health information. The gift bundles are delivered to our partnering rural health clinics in Northern Senegal, where they will be distributed by community midwives to women who labor and deliver inside these rural clinics.

Who are your partners in Senegal?

The foundation for our Bokk Bundle Donation Program rests on strong partnerships with community midwives, regional officials, and the public health arm of the Senegalese government. We work directly with trained midwives at our partnering rural health clinics in Northern Senegal to implement the program and report outcomes. Through our partnership with Senegal's Ministry of Health, we are able to ensure the safe and secure import of our donation bundles into the country and the safe and secure transport of our donation bundles to the rural health clinics where they will be distributed. 


Wholesale, Press, and Company Q’s

Do you wholesale?

For all wholesale inquiries, please contact hello@bokkbaby.com.

Where are you located?

We are based in Denver, Colorado. 

How do I get in touch with you?

Email is best! Reach us at hello@bokkbaby.com.

What is the meaning of your name? How do I pronounce it?

“Bokk” rhymes with “woke," as in "Bokk Baby is for woke babies." Bokk is a Wolof word and means “to share.” Wolof is the national language of Senegal. We chose this name because we’re all about sharing: sharing our stuff, sharing our earth, and sharing our stories.

I would like to collaborate with you, how do I get in touch?

Awesome! We love to collaborate with brands/organizations/influencers/bloggers/nice people who are into sustainable products, circular fashion, baby clothes, giving back, global reproductive health care, you name it. Hit us up at hello@bokkbaby.com or shoot us a message on Facebook (Bokk Baby) or Instagram (@bokkbaby). 

Press and media inquiries, how do I get in touch?

For press and media inquiries, please email us at hello@bokkbaby.com.